TBW Flexibility

TBW is here to assist you and provide cost saving methods that will allow your company to grow and maintain your client base with high quality reports, expedient turnaround time, and complete oversight of your screening process through our on-line technology.


Employment Verifications

Our professionally trained staff will verify current and/or previous employment history. Information researched will include employment dates, position, reason for leaving, rehire status, salary and additional customized questions required by each client.

Education Verifications

TBW researches the education history provided by the candidate directly through the registrar's office. A detailed report will consist of dates of attendance, major, degree and date of graduation.

Personal/Professional References

All our verification services are conducted by trained staff that are skilled in communicating clearly and concisely so that detailed information can be abstracted in a friendly and professional manner. Colleagues, associates or other references provided are contacted with a series of question sets developed internally and/or customized questions required by our clients.

Exit Interviews

An exit interview is conducted between an employee who has resigned or has been terminated. Exit interviews are critical for companies of all sizes. The purpose of the interview is to gain knowledge from the former employee so that employers can develop strategies in retaining key talent, decrease turnover, and find the strengths and weaknesses within their organization.

DOT: 49CFR Part 40- Drug and Alcohol Testing

The 49 CFR Part 40 form authorizes release of information from the previous employer in order to obtain information regarding the perspective employee's DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing.